Papis trek

Packing Lists

Packing List 

What you need to pack will depend on your chosen itinerary. Double check airlines baggage weight allowance which is normally 20kg however can be down to 15kg. You will need to carry your bag so make sure you can do so for up to 30 minutes. You will need a day pack to carry personal daily essentials such as water, snacks, hat, rain jacket etc. Below are our recommended packing lists:

Bank cards/Cash/ID
Electrical adapter plug
Money belt
Small padlocks
Spanish phrase books
Copies of important travel documents - flights, passport, insurance, visa, medical information, prescriptions

Walking shoes
Thermals - Top and bottom
Windbreaker/Rain jacket
Wollen hat
Comfortable pants
Sun hat
Light cotton clothing
Socks and underwear

Quick dry towel
A small day backpack
Flashlight or headlamp
Personal medical kit, toiletries
Insect repellant
Sun glasses
Lip balm
Ear plugs
Eye mask

Amazon - additional items to pack if you are going to the Amazon
Long socks
Light long cotton shirts
Light long cotton pants
Flashlight or headlamp
Tropical strength insect repellent
Optional: Binoculars
Provided: Gumboots to keep your feet dry

Trekking - additional items to pack if you are trekking
Provided: duffel bag which can hold up to 6 kg of personnel gear in addition to the tent, sleeping bag and mattress which we also provide.
Worn in hiking boots - Recommended to be waterproof and have ankle support.
Wool socks
Walking clothes - Layers that are easy to put on or remove are important
Water bottle
Plastic bags or dry bags - Recommended to put everything in a dry bag
Flashlight or headlamp
Wet wipes (as no showers will be available)
Toilet paper
A sleeping bag liner (if you would feel more comfortable using one in a rental sleeping bag)
Optional: Trekking poles (We recommend to hire), pillow (We recommend a small travel pillow)

*For the Lares Trek bring a bathing suit and towel